Tips and Advice

Auto Remarketing CorpBefore you decide to move forward with the junk car removal process, it is very important to know all the facts and understand what you need in order to successfully have your junk car removed for cash. Chicago Junk Cars Removal makes the process of removing your junk car for cash simple. One of our drivers will come to the location of your vehicle, inspect it and we will tow your junk car at no charge to you on the spot in exchange for cash.

Prior to contacting us about the junk car removal program, please make sure you have done the following to ensure that the junk car removal process goes smoothly:

1. Make Sure You Can Prove Car Ownership -In order to complete a removal and receive compensation, Chicago Junk Cars Removal requires that you have proof that you own the applicable junk car. Please be able to provide proof of car ownership in the form of a title or vehicle registration. This is done to protect us from buying cars from people that do not actually own them.

2. Know How Much Your Car is Worth -Take the time to research the value of your car prior to contacting us. We urge individuals to do this so that they will have an idea of what they can expect to receive from us for compensation for a junk car.

3. Make Sure the Car is “Junked” Properly -While there are a number of companies that provide junk car removal services, not all of them practice an eco-friendly junk car removal process. At Chicago Junk Cars Removal we pride ourselves in the fact that we follow all local, state and federal guidelines by properly recycling your junk car.

Taking the time to follow the above advice will ensure that you are able to proceed with the junk car removal process with ease and confidence. Contact us at 773-306-1641 or complete the quote form to get started.